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Monday, June 18, 2012

Unexpected Farewell

'So class,I'll not teaching you anymore'.Teacher Kimi-18/6/12
   I don't know what I want to compose because I'm a bit speechless since the teacher said that she'll not teaching us anymore.She is one of the most beautiful teacher with funny character and she'll not teaching us ANYMORE after this.I was a bit surprised about this because she is one of my favorite teacher.Teacher,I'm sorry for our naughty behaviours.We always didn't finish your homework and take it easy.We're sorry but teacher we are really enjoys learning with you.Thanks for your guidance and you make me to love english more.Everybody in class were sad just now including the 'sedo' boy Hamka.It's because we love you and I'll promise to get an A+ for my English in SPM.Amin.We definitely gonna miss you but luckily we're in same school and we can meet you for any questions and enquiries.
  This is one of the unexpected farewell for me.Thanks teacher for everything,I love you,We love you.And not to forget all of your outfits are nice and sweet.Actually I got many things too talk about but I just don't know how to express it so until that,thank you.Lot of Love,4 Ibnu Rusyd students.

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