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Friday, June 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum readers,
   Actually I don't know what to say because I myself don't understand what actually happen to me.Maybe some of my friends said that it was normal for a '16' teenager.Sometimes,I feel school was sucks! and maybe I'm still schooling because of my friends only but yeah so how can I be an orthopedic surgeon without studying?
   I depressed with my midterm results.It was kinda frustrating my family and me.Somehow I always dream that I can be a pro in add math subject and also others science's field.Chemistry marks kinda terrible and make me sad more even :( I target at least an A- for it but no one in my class including me managed to score it.Well,hello we're in a cluster school.Where's the super duper clever students until you can't get an A for your Chemistry?I fail for add math's subject and this is just too GREAT.Stupid me!!Blame myself for my stupidness.For the first exam I got 9A's and managed to score the highest mark for certain subjects in the class but for this exam,I'm loser.
   So the five for us in the class promised to study hard and smart for the upcoming exam.We're looking forward for the best.Maybe it was our own fault not to score as we expected in this midterm exam.
  The school environment also make me disappointed too.It's not just me but all of the other students that need to change their class every month and do not own any class for more conducive environment.The new school building projects have been abandoned for a long time.If I'm not mistaken the projects started since I was in standard 5 and now I'm in form 4.If our learning sessions is conducted in the lab that month oh yeah we're gonna have a super duper of tiredness and burnt our calories a lot (this is the only part I love abt it) because we had to fluctuation from each other class.For examples,4ID got a biology class so we had to exchange our class because we're using biologi lab.You no understand?Lu pikirla sendiri.
   So until that that I could type for all of you.I was so sleepy T__T and sorry for Oh My English.I'm too lazy to check up it over again.Don't bash me because I'm cute.Opss,I can hear some 'kroh,kroh' sounds beside me.Danish is sleeping in my room and on my bed!!What a king he is.
   And for the 'broken' tittle yeah I'm broken hearted with someone who give me a hope..and I leave him for my own sake.Hahaha pity me.That person is Awal Ashaari and omg he's damn handsome and romantic
  Before that,Happy Birthday to Apih who's celebrating his birthday today.May you have a nice journey of life and Allah bless you always..


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