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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sekembali lagi

Bismillahirahmanirahim..fuhh fuhh buang sikit debu kat blog ni.Lamanya tak update blog ni.Is there's anyone who miss me?Lol I don't know what actually to talk about and why not I tell you about being sixteen and some of pictures after my PMR exams;/

 Sixteen is tough.It where's you decide what you want to be.You fell in love and then heartbroken appeared (am I involved?):( Sixteen is where you got a hectic life until you don't have a much time with le family.I myself sometime confuses when a poser come to ask me make a smart decision.

 I miss my PMR life badly.I miss my 3 IR class.I miss everything about them.So juniors,lead you PMR life wisely and don't waste it.It was one of your precious moment in life.Perkampungan PMR,Extra classes,Kerja Kursus.You'll definitely miss all kinds of this thingy eventhough you think its a bit annoying and troubling you at first.

 I still remember when we're sitting on PMR exams.All of us felt nothing,we enter the hall like having a normal exam.Haha,that's why I got only 8A's.And also Orang Asli's trip..ah it was so unforgettable experience I've ever had.Here's some pictures of them :

Chiao.Till we meet later bye.Assalamualaikkum ;>

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