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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jom Jalan-Jalan


Going off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow.
Actually I don't really wanna go there.
nothing specials..
the places are all same.
but,i just want to enjoy the Strawberry Sundae.
yeah !!  I <3 it.
x sabar rasanya nx minum/makan.apa apa jela.


the most unwanted things is to prepare the clothes that wanna be brought.
urghh!!! the most laziest things eva.


  1. wuwuwuwuw. kite org cameron. memang xde ape pon kat sane. boring kan?

  2. Waaa, orang teringin nak pergi.. dia xmau pulakkk!!!

  3. cik nathrah::a'ah..sbb selalu sgt pergi..tempat dia pon sume sama je,tapi if pegi sana buat release tension..i like.hihi

    yaya::jomla pegi cameron skali.:)


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