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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Soul

Friends and family are my soul,Without them my life ZERO.
I love when we're laughing,talking about other aka gossiping.Take a nap in the class alongs,
Such a sweet moment to remember.

Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh

Kerna kami mmg unmatured

Friends are when we sad they was there to be our shoulder and when we laugh they are there to share the smile.♥♥

Bertekak mulut with someone is perkara biasa dlm alam persekolahan.We always heard that 'euww,tak nak lah aku dgn dia,menyampah giler' but when dia dah xde kat sisi then baru lah kita realized they brings a lot of moments for us.Without him/her we felt alone.Sunyi.

So,it's better not to say like that because love is natural.It come without notice.

Diluar senyum dihati siapa tahu.

Omaii,PMR nx dekat.
Goodluck to kak ecah for the pra-trial SPM tomorrow!!

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