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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exam Fever !!

This Sunday on 6/3/2011-10/3/2011.
I'll sit my exam.
Seriously,i'm not ready enough.
I'm just staring at the books and reading on the face-book.
crazy right?

I hope i'll get my strength to read those books.
what a weird sentence?
my mum also kept pot pet at me bcoz of this..
Insyaallah ur daughter can do it :P
mum:are u ready for ur exam?

(my actions but in my head was)


but the most worriest,killing subject for me is::
mathematico.grr.i'm not superb at this.

(i dont hate u but i dont love u)
(sorry to say this)

(I'm not master in arabic.)

'I'll keep on trying my best to get A's

and remember this.

maybe now we're really stressed.
but who knows the stressed will become a desserts later.

ok.that's all from me.
Good luck for ur exam do pray for me too.


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