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Thursday, February 17, 2011

::No Description::

i felt happy to hear my friend's story.it was a touching story..about their happy moment being together n the sad moment dat they need to through now.
they were so sweet!!!although they're not officially being a couple.Alhamdullilah.
yes,it's hard 2 find a man dat sincerely love a woman like him.
dat,alwayz be at ur side when u sick.
always helpz when u got in trouble.
u're so lucky if he is meant to u..I pray for both of u..
n i hope 1 day i'll find a man more better than......


  1. uh....shal syapew ni shayang ?
    hehe...mmg sweet + romantic !

  2. yg pasti not u la,lalim.x yah perasan.

  3. haiyo0o0o...terlps la shayang,,,,,
    shal shape nie ?
    nk jdie cmnie jak ah


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