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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hai!Actually this is special entry for this contest by kissingcrust for Christmas yang akan datang.Actually I'm glad bila dapat tahu there's someone anjurkan g/away ni. Hadiah yang ditawarkan agak lumayan iaitu :

credit the picture to kissingcrust.com

Lumayan kan?All of you can participate this contest starting from now.So what are you waiting for?Korang tak nak kenal ke the blog owner?So,meh nak introduce kan.

Kissingcrust is actually originally created to discuss everything about WordPress. Besides mainly covering awesome WordPress themes and plugins, Kissing Crust will also provide with tonnes of handy WordPress-related tips, hacks, reviews, news and how-to. You can expect varieties from Kissing Crust and you will love it!- sumber:kissingcrust.com/about/

The blog owner is Helmi Asyraf Abdullah but better known as Helmi. Currently residing awesome-looking country, Malaysia and now working with one of leading banks in Malaysia under its talent program.Well,he is
tireless seeker of knowledge and skills.He was previously studied in Sunway University College, Malaysia and Dublin Business School, Ireland under ACCA program – professional accounting courses from United Kingdom.Awesomw right?This is the picture of the blog owner credit the pict from his blog:)

Good looking right?HIHI

So apa tunggu lagi?Jom ramai-ramai masuk contest ni.Mana lah tau ada tuah di kaki.But hopefully that tuah utk menang Ipad2 for me:).Dah lama mengidam nak sangat ada ipad2 but bajet tak cukup:(

Till then,sweetie.bye
p/s:I hope I can win the ipad2.:)

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